Din 1.3401, Manganese Steel

Manganese can reach a hardness score of almost 600 BHN, giving it about 5 times the hardness of mild steel, and almost 3 times the hardness of annealed stainless steel.  High Manganese (Manganal) is an austenitic (nonmagnetic), work-hardening steel.


Din 1.3401, 12-14%Mn austenitic manganese hot rolled steel

X120Mn12, Din 1.3401, ASTM A128, Z120M12, X120Mn13, Creusabro® M 

Manganese Steel with a 11% to 14% manganese content is a work hardening steel. With its high carbon (approximately 1.2%) and high manganese contents it combines its work hardening resistance to wear characteristics with high toughness and ductility. When in service the steel can be subjected to repeated impact or abrasion, which will then work harden the steel. Due to the steels excellent work hardening characteristics it is extremely difficult to machine which can limit its range of suitable applications. Cutting and machining the steel by conventional methods is nigh on impossible, the best process for cutting is using plasma arc or laser cutting. 



C S P Mn Si Cr Mn/C
Min 1.10 12 0.3 10
Max 1.30 0.01 0.03 0.5 1.5



Hardness (HBW) Tensile properties CVN-impact

+20°C (J)

YS 0.2% (MPa) UTS (MPa) Total Elong. (%)
Specification 180 – 240 (1)
Typical 210 600 (2) 400 900 40 200

(1)as-delivered after quenching (940-1000°C, 1724-1832°F); According to UIC 893 specification upon request. (2)surface hardness after work-hardening. 


12-14% Mn austenitic manganese steel shows an outstanding hardening capacity under stress recognized for a long time. As delivered, 1.3401 exhibits a moderate hardness of 180 to 240 HB combined with high ductility and impact energy absorption capacity. When exposed to high pressure or impact loads in service, 1.3401 work hardens considerably on its surface up to 600 HB, while remaining not brittle in the bulk.



Another unique and original feature of austenitic manganese steel is its self-lubricating properties. For example, key components of railway wagons, pins and bushing connecting sets of mining shovels made of Manganese Steel don’t need to add oil.


The second essential property is that high-manganese steel, after appropriate heat treatment, is a non- magnetic steel.


The grade is not suitable for continuous operating temperatures above 300°C. Exposure to higher temperatures lead to embrittlement by carbide precipitation. In the 450 – 750°C temperature range, embrittlement occurs after only a few minutes.


Crushing and earthmoving equipment, in railways and in the shot blasting industry,

Primary rock crushing