Hardox 500, Hardox 500 Tuf

We offer Wear Resistance steel plate , HARDOX 500 ( Sweden )AR 500 ( JAPAN ),  NM 500 ( CHINA ) is a union of toughness and hardness, giving it the exclusivity to be used in moderate wear areas. They are designed to weld quickly, looking good in appearance.

Hardox® 450, probably the world’s most recognized high-strength AR steel. Guaranteed structural properties for long-lasting, productive equipment.




What is Hardox steel?

HARDOX 500 is an abrasion resistant plate with a hardness of 500 HBW, intended for applications where demands are

imposed on abrasi on resistance.


What is Hardox steel used for?

Applications : Crushers, sieves, feeders, measuring pockets, skips, cutting edges, conveyors, buckets,knives, gears, sprockets, etc.


How hard is Hardox steel?

Hardness HBW

5/32 – 11/4 inch :     470 – 530

(11/4) – 35/32 inch : 450 – 540

Impact Properties

Testing temperature :- 40 °C

Impact energy Charpy-V, longitudinal : Ft-lbs 22 , 30(J)


Hardox 500 Heat Treatment and Fabrication

HARDOX 500 has obtained its mechanical properties by quenching and when necessary by means of subsequent tempering. The properties of the delivery conditon can not be retained after exposed to service or preheating temperatures above 480°F (250°C).HARDOX 500 is not intended for further heat treatment.

For information concerning welding and fabrication, see our brochures on www.hardox.com or consult our Technical Customer Service.

Appropriate health and saftey precautions must be taken when welding, cutting,grinding or otherwise working on the product. Grinding, especially of primer coated plates, may produce dust with high particle concentration.


Is Hardox high carbon steel?
HARDOX 400, HARDOX 450 and HARDOX 500 have low carbon equivalent values (CEV) in relation to their high hardness and
good toughness.
What is Hardox made of?
Hardox Wear Plate is a very wear resistant steel plate, which is manufactured by SSAB and sold worldwide. As this steel wears very slowly even under heavy mechanical loads, it is used in many areas of industry.