C1095 / SK5 Blue Temper Shim

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What is c1095 steel?

SK5 / C1095 Blue Tempered Spring Steel, 95 Carbon Spring Steel , Spring Steel , Strip Steel , Shim Steel


Precision Brand Blue Tempered Spring Steel Shim is a C1095 high carbon, hardened and tempered product to meet the most exacting requirements. This high quality spring steel has a Rockwell hardness range of C 48/51. This material is preferred by tool and die makers for low templates and shim applications where toughness and low fatigue values are required. The blue surface is ideal for scribing layouts. Recommended for various types of coiled and flat mechanical springs, such as those used in tuning devices, electrical assemblies, steel tapes and rules.

Hardened and tempered to the most exacting requirements for your critical applications. Pre-tempered spring steel can withstand mild forming, but when yours finished piece is a blanked part, it is usually the only economical raw material to consider. Its uses include doctor blades, all types of flat springs, motor springs, valves, steel tapes, reeds and numerous other applications.
Min Thickness from 0.0127mm to 2mm.

What is the composition of AISI 1095 steel?

C1095 ANALYSIS: C .90/1.04  Mn .30/.50  P .025 max.  S .050 max  Si.15/.30

C1095 HARDNESS: Rockwell C 48-51

C1095 APPLICATIONS: Ignition vibrator springs, springs for timing devices, springs for

Electrical & Electronic applications, tapes, & rules

FINISH: Deep blue, polished

Blue Tempered Steel & Polished Strip Steel

Hardened and Tempered to meet the most exacting requirements; Polished, Edged and Blued Precision Brand Blue Tempered Spring Steel. May be depended upon for top quality coil after coil. Every single coil on Precision’s shelves has been thoroughly tested on receipt from mill and prior to stocking. This is perhaps the most universally used of all tempered spring steels. Recommended for various types of coiled and flat mechanical springs such as ignition vibrator springs, springs for timing devices, springs for the electrical and electronic field, steel tapes, rules, etc.

One of the largest stocks of Tempered Spring Steel Strip available. Hundreds of sizes of Tempered and Polished are regularly stocked, both narrow sizes with dressed edges and wide sizes for slitting purposes. Stock sizes range from 1/8” wide to 12 3/8” wide. Also available 24 wide on request.