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What is flat ground stock?

Ground Flat Stock (also known as Gauge Plate) is supplied in grade BS4659 BO1 tool steel, Standard sizes are stocked; Supplied fully annealed, the ground flat stock is precision ground to close tolerances. Ground Flat Stock Metric sizes are stocked in 500mm .

What is gauge plate steel used for?

Tool Steel O1 is a medium alloyed oil hardening steel with excellent cutting force and toughness, the excellent dimensional stability reduces distortion and the possibility of cracking during heat treatment.

Supplied in the annealed condition, the precision tolerances minimise additional costly tool room machining.

Ground Flat Stock provides toolmakers with a decarburization free surface, plus a high wear resistance after heat treatment, making it ideal for a multitude of uses and applications: dies, press tools, punches, gauges, cams, jigs, machine knives and marking devices.

What grade of steel is gauge plate? 01 grade tool steel
Gauge plate is made from 01 grade tool steel that is supplied in an annealed condition. This means the material is soft enough to machine easily and the ability to be hard wearing. Gauge plate can also be hardened to a maximum of 62 degrees Rockwell C
AISI Werk. No. AFNOR British Spec.
O1 1.2510 95 MCWV5 BS4659 BO1