P20 Plastic Mould Steel

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  • P20 Steel Properties
  • Nearest Equivalent : 1.2311, Nak55, P20+Ni, 618 equivalent

What is P20 steel?

DIN 2311 is the Pre Hardened Plastic mould steel hardness distributed evenly in large cross sections that have excellent weldability with least hardness elevation, good mirror polishability and less streak texture making finishing easier. Size Section availability upto 255mm thickness. Supply hardness is 240-280 BHN.

 Relevant P20 Tool Steel Specification and Equivalent Steel Grades

Country USA German GB/T
Standard ASTM A681 DIN EN ISO 4957 GB/T 1299
Grades P20 1.2311 3Cr2Mo


AISI P20 Steel Plate Materials

ASTM A681 C Mn P S Si Cr Mo
P20 0.28 0.4 0.6 1 0.03 0.03 0.2 0.8 1.4 2 0.3 0.55
DIN ISO 4957 C Mn P S Si Cr Mo
1.2311 0.35 0.45 1.3 1.6 0.03 0.03 0.2 0.4 1.8 2.1 0.15 0.25


Plastic mould steel that is usually supplied in a hardened and tempered condition
P20, 2311 , 2312, 2738, 2316 , 2083 , 2344 , 2510, 2379, 2767, Ramax , Stavax, Nak55

Applications: Plastic moulds, frames for plastic pressure dies, hydroforming tools.

Can you harden P20?
P20 Is also available at an annealed hardness of about 200 Brinell. It can be hardened or carburized up to a higher hardness of 50/60 RC when used for compression or transfer work. … When carburized, P20 is used for compression, transfer, and other types of molds requiring high surface hardness.
Can you weld P20 steel?
Some filler metals weld too hard as compared with the base metal. P-20 is one such material, with an as-welded hardness of 50-55 RC.