2738 Plastic Mould Steel

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Plastic Mould Steel 2738

Main Characteristic

2738 is in the class of Plastic mould that was developed from 2311 by adding Nickel 1.0%
Selling condition is quench and tempered
So, free from size changing after hardening
Hardness range is 280-325 HB (29-34 HRC)
Suitable for big size plastic mould which thickness over 400 mm
High strength with hardening ability
Made of steel that pass degassing process in vacuum result in polishing ability
Can do texturing or EDM
Also, can do surface hardening by various procedure.

Outstanding Properties

Texturing and Polishing properties at high level, thanks to low sulphur.
Polishing ability are better than 2312

•  High strength suitable to plastic mould
•  Strength better than 2311
•  Well machining ability
•  Texturing polishing and EDM is easy
•  Homogeniety hardness through the whole section
•  Risk free of damage from hardening process
•  Can enhance surface hardness through induction or carburizing or Nitriding
•  Can do hard chrome or nickel plating


2738 is a tool steel for plastic mould that posses high hardening ability and sell in harden and temper condition
Hardness is in range 1000 N/mm2 suitable for big size plastic mould thicker than 400 mm
Good for making tool in steel forming
Production through vacuum degass process of steel making
High performance in polishing, machining, texturing
Blow / injection plastic mould especially thermo plastic that is free from abrasive
Mould frames for plastic mould and die casting mould
Sleeves and die holder for extrusion