Inconel 601

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What is Inconel 601?

A nickel-chromium-iron alloy with excellent resistance to high temperature oxidation. A general purpose material for applications where heat and corrosion resistance are the primary considerations.

Application :A construction alloy for heat treat furnace fixtures and components such as annealing tubes, muffles, flame shields. Also useful for chemical process equipment such as combustor components, process heaters, and condenser tubes.

Chemical Composition, % 
Ni Fe S Cu Cr Mn Si Al
58 – 63.0 Balance 0.015 max 0.1 max 1.0 max 21 – 25.0 1.0 max 0.5 max 1 -1.7


Mechanical Properties
Condition Solution Annealed
Tensile Strength ( Mpa ) 686
0.2% Yield Strength ( Mpa ) 294
Elongation ( % ) 55
Hardness ( HB ) 130
What is the difference between Inconel 600 and 601?
Like Inconel 600Inconel 601 offers resistance to various forms of high-temperature corrosion and oxidization. However, unlike 600, this nickel-chromium alloy has an addition of aluminum. This addition allows it to demonstrate high mechanical properties even in extremely hot environments.