SCM 415

SCM415 is a low carbon low alloy steel.


Alloy structural steel: SCM415
Carries out the standard: JIS G4053-2003
* characteristic and applicable scope:
Has the good shop characteristics and the welding performance, in 500~550°C under has the high long-term strength. When the temperature surpasses 550°C, the oxidation resistance performance variation, the creep strength obviously reduces. When occupies for a long time 500~550 °C, the steel hot stubborn and unyielding person reduces, the intensity reduces. Uses in makes 510°C high, presses vapor drive pipe, collection box as well as pipe wall temperature for 550°C superheater and forging.
* chemical composition:
Carbon C: 0.13~0.18
Silicon Si:0.15~0.35
Manganese Mn:0.60~0.90
Sulfur S: Permits the remaining content ≤0.030
Phosphorus P: Permits the remaining content ≤0.030
Chromium Cr:0.90~1.20
Nickel Ni: Permits remaining content ≤0.25 copper Cu: Permits the remaining content ≤0.030
Molybdenum Mo:0.15~0.25
* mechanical properties:
Tensile strength σb (MPa):≥440(45)
Yield strength σs (MPa):≥295(30)
Elongation ratio δ5 (%): ≥22
Reduction of area Psi (%): ≥60
Impact merit Akv (J):≥94
Resilient value αkv (J/cm2):≥118(12)
Degree of hardness: ≤179HB
Test specimen size: The test specimen blank dimension is 30mm