AISI 1018

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Grades : ASTM a105, s45c , s50c, AISI4140, AISI4340, AISI4130, 5919, 6587


aisi 1018 chemical composition

C Mn P S
0.15 – 0.20 0.60 – 0.90 max. 0.04 max. 0.05

What is a 1018 steel?

A low-carbon steel, having higher manganese content than certain other low carbon steels, such as AISI 1020. Being richer in manganese, AISI 1018 is a better steel for carburized parts, since it produces a harder and more uniform case. It also has higher mechanical properties and better machining characteristics. The hot rolled bars used in the manufacture of this product are of special quality.

Most cold finished bars are produced by cold drawing. In this process, oversize hot rolled bars, which have been cleaned to remove scale, are drawn through dies to the required size. The larger sizes are generally turned and polished, the hot rolled bars having been machine turned, rather than drawn, followed by abrasive polishing. Turned and polished bars tend to have a somewhat brighter finish than cold drawn bars.

aisi 1018 applications

Suitable for parts requiring cold forming, such as crimping, bending, or swaging. Especially suitable for carburized parts requiring soft core and high surface hardness, such as gears, pinions, worms, king pins, ratchets, dogs so on.

AISI 1018 hr steel properties 

Tensile strength PSI 80,000 100,000
Yield point PSI 70,000 85,000
Elongation % 15 25
Reduction in area % 45 55
Brinell hardness 170 220


AISI 1018 has a machinability rating of 78% of AISI B-1112. Average surface cutting speed is 130 feet per minute.


This grade is easily welded by all the welding processes, and the resultant welds and joins are of extremely high quality. The grade of welding rod to be used depends upon the thickness of section, design, service requirements and so on.


This grade will respond to any of the standard carburizing methods and subsequent heat treatments. For a hard case and tough core, the following heat treatment is suggested: carburize at 1650 – 1700 degree Fahrenheit for approximately eight hours, cool in box and reheat to 1400 – 1450 degree Fahrenheit quench in water and drawn at 300 – 350 degree Fahrenheit.

Is A36 steel the same as 1018?
Chemically, 1018 is very similar to A36 but with a little less carbon, less manganese, and fewer impurities. The actual chemical composition of 1018 steel is 98.81-99.26% iron, 0.18% carbon, 0.6-0.9% manganese with traces of phosphorus, and sulfur 
What is the difference between 1018 and 4140 steel?
1018 Steel is a mild, low carbon steel that is machinable, weldable and is useful where there are no requirements for high strength. 4140 alloy steel is generally stronger and harder than carbon steel. It provides high impact resistance as well as high fatigue and torsional strength.
What is the difference between 1018 and 1020 steel?
In its cold drawn state, 1020 has high machinability and is a preferred steel grade for many manufacturers. 1018 steel is used over 1020 for applications that require machining, as it responds to machining fairly well.