Wear Resisting Steel Plate


AR500 Brick MoldWear Resisting Steel Plate

AR500 Wear Resistant Steel Plate Suppliers Kuwait, UAE (United Arab Emirates) 

E Steel is the supplier of Wear Resistant Steel Plate AR400, AR450, AR500 / Hardox 400, Hardox 450, Hardox 500 with cut to size service without MOQ

We are glad to supply and export AR500 Wear Plate (Origin Japan) to State of Kuwait with Ocean Freight in transit of 28 Days.

Requirements of exporting to Kuwait : 

  1. Attestation of Invoice, Packing List
  2. Certificate of Origin (COO)
  3. Bill of lading / Airway Bill

For more information on the requirements of exporting to United Arab Emirates country (UAE) , may refer :

E Steel supply AR500 Wear Plate with cut to size service using CNC Plasma Cutting Machine to the Kuwait, UAE with the following sizes of :
AR500 – 12 x 240mm x 305mm = 24pcs
AR500 – 12 x 139mm x 240mm = 42pcs
Estimate Total Weight : 300KGs

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