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Welcome E Steel Sdn.Bhd

Established in 2004, E Steel Sdn Bhd Specialized in a wide range of high-quality steel products. The company focused on special steel whereas the majority of the steel materials are imported catered for Oil & Gas, Automotive, Medical, Machinery and Semiconductor industries. Since then E Steel has become one of the fastest-growing steel stockiest in Malaysia. The business has grown abroad to the Middle East and the rest of ASEAN countries. After implementing Digital Transformation to deal with challenges like payments, high mix low volume, customization, and quality assurance. All these based on company’s motto: “Why buy a full bar or sheet when you just need a small volume?” Today these businesses are still growing rapidly.

Early in 2011, E Steel won the Asia-Pacific Top 100
Enterprise Award ranked by Global Business Magazine.

Later in 2017, E Steel won the International Prestige Brand Award organized by Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF), recognized for its unique and being outstanding in the respective fields.


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