Nickel 20 Courier Service

Nickel 20Cb3 Quick Delivery by Courier Service

  Nickel 20 Cb3 Shows outstanding corrosion resistance to reductive acids, especially to sulfuric acid and outstanding mechanical properties, and is easily process-able. Nickel 201 Unalloyed wrought Ni having good mechanical properties, outstanding corrosion resistance, and useful thermal and electrical conductivities. Suitable for use at temperature of 315 Degree Celsius or higher, compared to Alloy […]

Inconel 625

Nickel Alloy 625 / Inconel 625 Cut to Length

  Cutting Video Coming Soon!       Nickel Alloy 625/Inconel 625 from Germany cut to length shows outstanding corrosion resistance, high strength, tenacity, oxidation resistance and fatigue strength at temperature from extremely low to as high as 980 degree celsius.  

Stainless Steel Precipitation Hardening Grades (PH) 17-4PH / SUS630

  Stainless Steel Precipitation Hardening Grades (PH): 17-4PH / SUS630 combination of fabricability, strength, ease of heat treatment, corrosion resistance not found in other grades! Solid Round Bar with various diameters Call/Email us to place your order