E Steel Sdn.Bhd (former known as EE TECK MARKETING) was incorporated in 2004 and was a dealer of Germany, Japan, and France steel store. Now become a stockholding company in a variety of industries. Our specialty is to provide wide range of alloy steel with no minimum order. Indeed, E Steel Sdn. Bhd is able to promote the best quality and quantity services and products to meet the markets demand for business operation and information.

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  • Shim (Stainless Steel / High Carbon)
  • Gear Steel
  • Cold Work Tool Steel
  • Polish Shaft
  • Machining Service

  • Hollow Bar (High Strength Low Carbon)
  • Titanium Rod
  • Machinery Steel
  • High Speed Steel
  • Plastic Mould Steel

  • High Wear Resisting Steel
  • Semi-Con Stainless Steel
  • Hot Work Tool Steel
  • 2510 Precision Ground Flat Steel
  • Heat Resisting Steel